Government Style

The City of Marysville has the council-manager form of local government.  It is the most popular type since it provides for unification of authority and political responsibility in an elected council and centralization of administration responsibility in an appointed professional administrator.  The city council is the governing body and the city manager administers the policies as determined by the council.

Marysville has a seven member council (including the elected mayor) and voters elect or re-elect three members and the mayor each two years in the odd year elections. The council determines all municipal policies, adopts ordinances and resolutions and approves the budget for carrying out city operations.

The mayor is the member of the council who is elected for a two year term.  He is a leader in the development of council policies and serves as chairman of the council during its meetings.  He also represents the city in ceremonial functions. The mayor and the council appoint interested citizens to serve on numerous city advisory boards and commissions.  They welcome requests from those interested in serving.
Boards & Commissions