Riverlawn Cemetery

Riverlawn Cemetery
2150 River Road
Marysville, Michigan 48040

Department of Public Works
Phone: (810) 364-8340

Riverlawn Cemetery was established in 1947 and overlooks the St. Clair River.   Grave sites and niches are available for purchase for residents and non-residents.  Burials and niche opening and closings are performed Monday through Friday during normal business hours.  Additional fees are charged for interments occurring on weekends and holidays.  A chapel, which accommodates about 40 people, is available for rental for a memorial service. 

To choose a grave site or niche or to schedule an opening or closing of a grave or niche, please contact our Department of Public Works at (810) 364-8340.

Fee Schedule (Graves, Niches, Urns, Chapel, Burials – Page 5)

Riverlawn Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Riverlawn Cemetery Map