Utility Information

Residential dwellings in the City of Marysville are billed a flat rate for water, sewer and refuse usage.  These bills are mailed twice annually on July 1st (usage from July 1st – December 31st) and December 1st (usage from January 1st – June 30th).  Water/sewer/refuse rates are set annually at the second city council meeting in May.  The FY 22-23 water/sewer/refuse rate for residential units is $503.85.  Emterra Environmental USA is our refuse contractor.

Commercial and industrial units water and sewer usage is metered and these entities are billed on a quarterly basis.  The below utility rate schedule outlines usage costs depending on the line size.

Rate Schedules
Utility Rate Schedule 2021-2022

Utility Rate Schedule 2022-2023

Senior Citizen Water/Sewer Discount
A senior citizen discount is available for those ages 65 and older who own and occupy their homes.  Qualifying residents can receive 30% off the water/sewer portion of their bills.  Proof of income is required.

Senior Water/Sewer Discount Form 

Pay Utility Bill
Click here to pay your water/sewer/refuse bill online.  
A processing fee will be added to your payment. 

Unpaid Water/Sewer Bills
Please note that on June 1st outstanding utility account balances for the prior year will be added onto the summer tax.  Mortgage payments may be affected by this lien.  The City of Marysville does not turn off water service due to non-payment.

Water Turn On/Off Service
Residents who leave town for an extended period of time may wish to turn off water service to save money.  Please contact our Department of Public Works to schedule an appointment for this service.  A fee of $25 will be billed to the account at the time of both the turn on and turn off.  

Vacant commercial and industrial properties should consider the above service as well.