Property Taxes

Property taxes are based on the taxable value of your property, multiplied by the millage rates levied by various taxing units.  These units include city, county, school, and state.   The City of Marysville’s current yearly homestead millage rate is 43.7616.  The non homestead rate is 61.7616.

Summer taxes received after the due date (July 31st) incur a penalty of 1% per month for four months.  Winter taxes receive a 4% penalty the day after the due date (February 14th).

The Treasurer’s Office works in conjunction with hundreds of mortgage companies to ensure your taxes are paid on time.  Please notify our office of any changes that may have occurred during the year.  Residents who have escrow accounts do not receive tax bills in the mail.

ATTENTION HOMEOWNERS: Residents who paid off their mortgages or recently purchased a home and do not pay taxes through an escrow account should PROMPTLY contact the Treasurer’s Office if they did not receive a tax bill.

The City of Marysville is not responsible for bills lost or misplaced by the U.S. Postal Service. Contact our Treasurer’s Office if you’ve not received your bills.

Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes

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