RECYCLING: Our recycling guidelines have changed!  Click here for the most up-to-date guidelines.  Emterra, our refuse contractor now takes the items listed below.  Recycling (in your blue or lime green container, one per household) will be picked up on Wednesday also.

Items Accepted For Recycling

  • GLASS – any color beverage bottles or jars.  Rinse clean and discard lid, labels need not be removed.
  • CANS – Tin or aluminum – soup, vegetable, fruit cans, etc.  Rinse clean and remove labels.
  • PLASTIC – #1 – #8 NOW ACCEPTED! Rinse clean and discard caps.
  • NEWSPAPER – In addition to newspaper, glossy prints/ads are now accepted.
  • CHIP/PAPER BOARD – Cereal, tissue boxes, etc. now accepted.  Please breakdown boxes!
  • MIXED OFFICE WASTE – Junk mail, flyers, office paper, magazines (non wax coated), phone books now accepted.
  • CARDBOARD – Please ensure cardboard is cut to the size of newspaper and fits in bin.  NO PIZZA BOXES, PLEASE!!!

CORRUGATED CARDBOARD may also be dropped off at our DPS yard, 200 East 14th Street, cardboard only-no packaging and PLEASE BREAK DOWN THE BOX!.

Items Not Accepted For Recycling
Any chemical or petroleum containers, any food containers not emptied/rinsed out, any type of plastic storage container, clothing hangers, syringes/needles, cookware, glasses, plates, pots or pans, light bulbs, plastic bags, medical waste, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, clothing, shoes, pizza boxes, cigarette butts, diapers, nails, nuts or bolts, window glass, laundry baskets, flower pots/trays, buckets/pails, scrap metal, car parts, window screens, computers or computer parts, toasters, can openers, silverware, food, electrical cords, demo/building material, plasticware, wax coated cardboard,  glass block, aerosol cans, mini blinds, chicken wire, lawn equipment parts, oil filters, shrink wrap, car mats, vinyl siding, door mats, driveway markers, toilet brushes, seat cushions, paint rollers, paint pan liners.

More Information Regarding Recycling
No Plastic Bags in the Recycling Bin!  Please recycle your plastic shopping bags at your local grocery store.