Tax Exemptions

Principal Residence Exemption (PRE)
The PRE also referred to as the "homestead exemption" is an exemption from the local school operating millage.  In Marysville it's 18 mills.  Homeowners who own and occupy their home as a primary residence are eligible to claim the Principal Residence Exemption.  Homeowners are only allowed to claim only one Principal Residence Exemption in Michigan and cannot claim a similar exemption in another state at the same time.  The Principal Residence Exemption form must by completed and returned to the Assessor on or before June 1st of each year to receive the exemption for the current year property taxes.

Homeowners who sell their home, move out or utilize the home as a rental need to rescind or remove the PRE.  These residents no longer qualify for the property tax exemption and must file the Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) form.  

Poverty Exemption
Homeowners who cannot afford their taxes may qualify for a Poverty Exemption.  Please consult our Poverty Exemption Guidelines in our Document Center to see if you qualify.

Disabled Veterans Exemption

Per the State of Michigan, certain disabled veterans may be exempt from paying real property tax.  To receive the exemption, the veteran must:

  • be a Michigan resident;
  • own and occupy the home (commonly referred to as your homestead);
  • be disabled as a result of service from which the veteran was honorably discharged (100% disabled), or the unremarried, surviving spouse of the disabled veteran.

To receive the discount veterans must complete the Disabled Veterans Exemption Affidavit and include a copy of their DD-214 and the Departments of Veterans Affairs letter stating they are 100% disabled. 

Veterans who receive this exemption must annually reapply.

Please call our Assessor for more information or visit our Document Center to download the form and FAQ's.

Senior Citizen Tax Assistance

Neither the City of Marysville nor the State of Michigan offer any special tax relief based on age.