Project Name: ___________________

Application #:____________________





1.             Site Plan Data Needed  (11 copies of all site plans 14 days prior to meeting)

*             A digital copy of the finalized site plan is required (pdf. or dwg.)


A. General Criteria


    1.    ____ Site Plan application form completed.

    2.    ____ Zoning of site and abutting properties.

    3.    ____ Dimensions of all property lines.

    4.    ____ Proposed use of land and structures

    5.    ____ Site Plan drawn to scale of not greater that 1=20 for less than 3 acres or 1=50 for less than 50 acres.

    6.    ____ Location of all existing and proposed streets, roadways, service drives, sidewalks, and entrances, or exits (on site within 50 feet)

    7.    ____ Location and dimensions of all existing and proposed structures (includes principal and accessory buildings) on site and within 50 feet of the subject property./

    8.    ____ Drive or street approaches shall include acceleration, deceleration or passing lanes if appropriate.

    9.    ____ All aisles, drives and parking areas, including handicapped parking, size of parking stall and number of parking spaces.

    10.  ____ Front, side, and rear yard dimensions.

    11.  ____ Location and dimensions for utility or storm drain easements

    12.  ____ Size and location of utilities to serve the site; water, fire hydrants, sewer and storm drainage.

    13.  ____ Screening, greenbelts and/or protective walls.

    14.  ____ Exterior lighting and methods of shielding from adjacent properties or streets.

    15.  ____ Trash receptacle location and method of screening.

    16.   ____ Landscaping plan.

    17.  ____ Elevations (front, side and rear views) of buildings.

    18.  ____ Typical floor plan(s)

    19.  ____ Types of facing materials to be used on structures.


B.      Specific Residential Requirements


In the case of residential uses (i.e. multiple family, mobile home, planned neighborhood development or single family cluster development) the following additional information shall be required:


1.      _____ Density calculations

2.      _____ Gross and net acreage figures

3.       _____ Number of dwelling units by type (apartment, condominiums, cooperative, etc.) and number of bedrooms

4.      _____ Sidewalks, walkways and paths

5.      _____ Recreation areas and types of recreation equipment

6.      _____ Carport location and details

7.      _____ Landscape plan

8.      _____ Community building details and method of fencing swimming pool

9.      _____ Size and location of each mobile home site shall be shown





In case of nonresidential uses (i.e. commercial, industrial and office development) the following additional information shall be required:


1.      _____ Loading and unloading areas

2.      _____ Total and usable floor areas by type of use

3.      _____ Designation of fire lanes

4.      _____ Location and type of large equipment or machinery, if any

 D.      Signs

                 1.      _____ Location on site

2.      _____ Type of construction

3.      _____ Height of sign above the ground

4.      _____ Surface of the sign (material and dimensions)

5.      _____ Area of sign surface

6.      _____ Method of illumination


Revised: August 30, 2006