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An important duty of the Treasurer is collecting the real and personal property taxes for the City of Marysville, as well as for St. Clair County, the State of Michigan and Marysville School District.  There are two main collection times: the summer taxes collected in July and the winter taxes collected between December 1st through the middle of February.  This department prepares and distributes the tax bills and ensures the payment of those bills. 

In addition to collecting tax revenues, the Treasurer also assists in distributing and collecting the Water/Sewer/Refuse bills.  The flat rate customers (primarily homeowners) are billed semi-annually. 

The FY 21/22 residential utility rate is $479.36 semi-annually.  Residents are more than welcome to pay a portion in advance or on a monthly basis.  To make payments on a monthly basis, residents may send via mail an $80 check or pay online. 



TAXES: senior citizens ages 62 and older, eligible veterans, paraplegics, quadriplegics, totally disabled and blind persons having a total household income in the prior taxable year of $40,000 or less may file an affidavit with the Treasurer after June 1st and before September 15th to defer payment of summer taxes without penalty or interest until February 14.  Ask your Treasurer to assist you with this deferment.

UTILITIES:  senior citizens who have attained the age of 65 and own and live in their own home from which they derive no income and have a total household income in the prior year of $25,000 or less are eligible for a 30% discount on their water/sewer bill.    Senior citizens are required to make application at the City Treasurer’s office and provide an itemization of the total household income (or copy of last year’s MI – 1040CR form).  Condominium owners whose water/sewer bills are paid by their condominium association are to make application prior to June 15th for the July billing and prior to November 15th for the December billing of each year.     Download Application

Need further assistance in paying your property taxes?  Click here for more information.


Assistance is available for qualifying property owners.  Please click here to view an informative brochure created by the St. Clair County Treasurer.

*Online Payments

Taxes and utility bills may also be paid online with a credit card or electronic check. Click here to make a payment.  Please note that our processing company charges a 3% fee for online payment with a $3 minimum fee.

ACH/EFT payments are available.  Please contact us for more information or to help you enroll.

Dog Licenses

Effectively immediately Marysville City Hall sells St. Clair County dog license renewals.  Click here for more information.  Proof of rabies vaccination and St. Clair County Animal Control renewal form are required.  Checks are payable to the ‘City of Marysville.’

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