DPW Personnel

Department of Public Services Employees

DPS Building Water Plant
Director Barry Kreiner Water Utility Superintendent Bari Wrubel
Supervisor Kraig Hohf Secretary-part-time Debbie Cline
Working Foreman Todd Postill Water Utility Chief Chris Berdan
Admin. Assistant Stacy Grant
Head Mechanic Barrett Schantz Utility/Operator Derek Young
Assistant Mechanic Gerrett Newberry Utility/Operator Tim Giles
Equipment Operator/Miss Dig
Jeff Gurley
Utility/Operator Ann Eisen
Equipment Operator Luke Ressler
Operator George Frantz Wastewater Plant
Operator Drew Saunders Water Utility Superintendent Bari Wrubel
Bldg. Inspector
Sean Quain
Operator Jim Mieksztyn
Utility Randy Smith Utility/Operator Patrick Lynch
Jake Godlewski
Utility Tony Barbe
Steve Schrade
Laborer Mike Tosch
Laborer Max Cunningham
Patrick Colley
Lee Brockdorff

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