Domestic Abuse

Marysville Police Department

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The Marysville Police Department has a pro-arrest Domestic Violence Policy. This means that officers will investigate all claims of Domestic Violence and will take the necessary action to hold the batterer accountable.

Domestic Violence, or Domestic assault, is defined in Michigan by Michigan Penal Code 750.81(2), (3), and (4). Basically domestic assault is an assault, or assault and battery, when the victim is a spouse or former spouse of the assailant, has had a child in common with the assailant, or resides or has resided with the assailant. One of the most important differences between domestic assault and other misdemeanor crimes is the police do not have to witness the crime in order to effect an arrest, they may arrest based on probable cause after responding to the scene and investigating the incident. If you are a victim of domestic assault, contact your local police department. If you are ever in imminent danger of assault or assault and battery, contact your police department’s emergency number. In most areas of the U.S. this number will be 9-1-1.

Domestic violence is a problem that anyone may face. It is not gender, race or socio-economic specific. All groups experience domestic violence but no group should tolerate it.

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