Paramedic Ambulance

Marysville Fire Department

Advanced Life Support/Paramedic Ambulance Service
Emergency Dial 9-1-1

Marysville Fire Department has been providing ambulance service to the community since 1974.  Many advancements have been made in the pre-hospital medical care field over the past ten to fifteen years. The Romans actually had the first organized form of transport for the sick or injured.  They would put their sick or injured soldiers on carts and wheel them off the battle grounds to a place where they could be cared for.

As you can imagine we have come a long way since those old Roman days but the same basic idea still exists – patient transport.  As important as patient transportation is, we have found that if we can train our ambulance personnel to perform some treatment while the patient is being transported, the patients outcome usually consisted of less injury or illness and their recovery time is greatly reduced.

The Marysville Fire Department has been providing Advanced Life Support to its community since 1994.  An (ALS) Advanced Life Support ambulance must have at least one state licensed paramedic onboard to provide the advanced medical procedures.  Paramedics spend endless hours in lectures and on clinical rotations learning and perfecting their advanced skills.  The Marysville Fire Department has two ALS ambulances in service today.

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