Community Outreach

Marysville Fire Department works continuously to keep our residents informed and practiced in safety training.  Our staff is constantly attending meetings, gatherings, schools, etc. to help educate our community about fire safety.

Matt Reeves
(810) 364-6611

Car Seat Installation

Marysville Fire Department can assist with child car seat installation.  To schedule a child safety seat inspection or installation, contact the Fire Department at (810) 364-6611.  For a car seat overview or information regarding choosing a seat for your child, the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration is an informative resource.

CPR & First Aid Classes

Low cost CPR and First Aid classes are offered each month and taught by our highly trained staff.  Individuals, businesses and organizations are invited to attend.  Call (810) 364-6611 for more information or to register.

Fire House Tours

Get a close up look at our fire engines and ambulances during a tour of our fire house.  Call (810) 364-6611 for more information.

Welcome to Our Website

The City of Marysville continues to strive to be a great place to visit, a better place to live, AND ensure our website is a great resource of information. Have any questions or concerns? Please contact us and let us know how we can help.