City Clerk


Rene Stoia
City Clerk
1255 Delaware Avenue
Marysville, Michigan 48040

Phone: (810) 455-1318
Fax: (810) 364-3940


The City Clerk serves the City Council, City Manager and the public.  The Clerk’s Office is responsible for the preparation of meeting agenda packets for the City Council.  In addition, the Clerk processes the legislative actions of the City Council (i.e. minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts) and codifies the City’s Municipal Code, thereby maintaining the City’s legislative history and archives.

The City Clerk is the official custodian of records and is responsible for managing the legislative history of the City and maintaining, disposing and preserving official City documents and records in accordance with legal requirements. The Clerk also responds to requests for information in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

The City Clerk serves as the City’s Election Official and, in compliance with the Michigan Bureau of Elections, administers all municipal elections and performs oaths of office for elected and appointed officials.

The City Clerk also attests, seals and /or certifies official documents, administers the City’s Records Retention/Destruction Schedule, conducts all formal bid openings for the City, coordinates appointments by the City Council to City boards and commissions and prepares awards, certificates and proclamations for the community.

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