Zoning Permit Info

Zoning permits are required for fences, signs, accessory sheds less than 200 square feet, swimming pools and other zoning issues. 

  1. Applicant submits the following information to the Building Official:
    • Completed building permit application, and two sets project plans.
  1. Building Official will review building permit application for document completeness and upon approval will issue the zoning permit.  At this time any applicable bonds will be charged.
  2. The applicant will pay for the zoning permit and applicable bonds at the City Treasurer.  Copies of the receipts will be provided to the Building Department.  Until proof of payment is received, no inspections will be scheduled.


Residential fences are regulated through the Marysville Zoning Ordinance (Section 1645).  Property owners of corner lots should be aware that Article 2, Definitions, of the Marysville Zoning Ordinance requires all yards abutting on a street to be considered a front yard for setback purposes.  The fence regulations are: 

  1. Fences or walls in residential districts not exceeding six feet in height may be constructed within a required side or rear yard and may be along a property line.
  2. Ornamental fences and walls for decorative purposes, not exceeding twenty-four inches in height as measured form the established sidewalk or top of curb grade, may be located within a front yard provided the fence is not closer than three feet to a front lot line.
  3. Fences which enclose public or institutional parks, playgrounds, or public landscaped areas situated within areas developed within recorded lots shall not exceed eight feet in height, measured from the surface of the ground, and shall not obstruct vision to an extent greater than twenty-five percent of their total area.
  4. Fences on lots of record shall not contain barbed wire, electric current or charge of electricity.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are regulated through the municipal Code of Ordinances and Zoning Ordinance.  Zoning permits are required for above ground swimming pools, while in ground pools require building permits.  Electrical connections to either type of pool may require an electrical permit.  Fuel fired heaters will require a mechanical permit. 

  1. Swimming pools shall not be closer than six feet from any side or rear property lines or form any building structure.
  2. No exposed electrical wires shall be closer than five feet from the water’s edge, nor shall any exposed and permanently installed electric wire within twenty-five feet from the water’s edge of the pool be less than ten feet above the ground, nor shall wires of any kind cross or be over the water surface unless otherwise approved by the Building Inspector.  Any underwater lighting shall be accomplished by the use of methods and materials approved for such purposes.
  3. All swimming pools shall be enclosed by a fence, which shall be a minimum of four feet in height and constructed as to not be climbable by children.  The gates shall be self-closing, self-latching from the inside and not readily accessible for children.
  4. The drain line for a pool may be connected to a storm sewer, if available.  However, at no time, may a pool drain line be connected to a sanitary sewer.


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