Board of Review

Board of Review Information

Assessments may be appealed to the Board of Review. Dates and times of board meetings are included on the assessment notice, and also published in the Voice Newspaper as required by law. Petitions will be available the day of your scheduled appointment. Please arrive ten (10) minutes prior to your appointment to fill out the petition form.  Non-residents may also appeal by letter, provided the letter is received before the last scheduled meeting date.  If an agent is acting as the property owner’s representative, they must submit a letter of authorization with an original signature and current date at the time of the appeal.

How do I appeal my assessment and taxable value?

Call the city’s Assessing Office at (810) 364-6613, ext. 1346 to schedule an appointment. You must be prepared to provide evidence to the Board of Review to support your contention that the assessed value exceeds 50% of the True Cash Value of the property. “My taxes are too high,” is not considered a valid argument. Your appointment is limited to 10 minutes.

The Board of Review will listen to all reasons for objecting to the assessment and determine the final value. Petitioners will be notified by letter of the Board’s decision by to June 1st. Property owners may wish to appeal further to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. The address will be provided in the Board of Review’s response. Please remember, the Board of Review may only review the current year’s assessment, and they do not establish the tax rate. The Board of Review may raise, lower or affirm an assessment.

Most records in the Assessor’s office, including the assessment roll, field sheets, appraisal reports, legal descriptions, sales data, and lot and building sizes, are available to the public for inspection.  Much of this information is also available through our website.

Meeting Dates

The Board of Review meets in March, July and December.

  • The March Board of Review meets (for assessment appeals) on the Tuesday immediately following the first Monday in March.
  • The July Board of Review meets (for mutual mistakes & homestead errors) on the Tuesday following the third Monday in July.
  • The December Board of Review meets (for mutual mistakes & homestead errors) on the Tuesday following the second Monday in December. 

Board of Review Members

  • Michael Toles
  • Greg Lachon
  • Randy Jacobs
  • Ann Ratliff (Assessor/Secretary)
  • Amy Andrews-Curtis (alternate)

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